The Original Lead Singers of The Temptations

TEMPS Lead Singers

Bottom: Left to Right - Nate Evans, Eddie Kendricks, Damon Harris, Dennis Edwards
Top: Left to Right - David Sea, Charles Blackman

Nate Evans

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NateEvansParis"Nate is the real deal," says Linwood Peel, the leader of the The Drifters, and indeed he is!  Performing with Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin in the early 90ies Nate has preserved those Kendricks/Ruffin patented choreography and the music to bring you the best Temptations Tribute show around.  Not only does Nate still have his voice but his fellow vocalists and 8 piece backup band still have the moves.

Nate is passionate about his music and now, besides his beloved Temptations Revue, has released a solo effort, simply titled, "Passion."  For the grown and the sexy there remains "Passion" and that is what this effort is all about.

Look for "Baby" the first single to be released as a big hit as a homage and in the style of Barry White and Lou Rawls.

"Talkin' Bout Baby" will be available on iTunes soon!  Check back for a direct link to this soon-to-be on the charts tune.

Listen to Nate Evans
Come On Over To My Place
Talkin' Bout Baby