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1. My Girl 2. Just My Imagination 3. Papa Was A Rolling Stone 4. Ain't to Proud To Beg 5. You're My Everything 6. Since I Lost My Baby 7. Get Ready 8. The Way You Do The Things You Do 9. (I Know) I'm Losing You 10. Cloud Nine 11. Treat Her Like a Lady 12. I Wish It Would Rain 

Alive Today!

The Temptations Revue
Alive Today!

With the untimely deaths of The Temptations' Richard Street and Damon Harris in 2013, who is left? Paul Williams died in 1973; David Ruffin died in 1991; Eddie Kendricks died in 1992; Melvin Franklin died in 1995, and Dennis Edwards passed 2/1/18. Nate Evans is still with us and still has the voice that represents The Temptations Revue: A Tribute featuring Nate Evans.

About Us

NateEvansWith the passing of Dennis Edwards [d. 2/1/18], Nate Evans, with his Temptations Tribute, is the ONLY RECOGNIZED ORIGINAL TEMPTATIONS member in the world, besides Otis Williams, who heads up a tribute group that exemplifies the integrity of the original Temptations music, dance moves and style!

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Several former Temptations performed outside of The Temptations group in spin-off or offshoot acts. Quoted from Wikipedia "Ruffin, Kendricks & Edwards The most well known splinter was "Ruffin, Kendricks & Edwards: Former Leads of the Temptations", which featured the three former Temptations and three other members, David Sea, who'd been a consideration to replace Edwards in 1984, Nate Evans, a former member of The Impressions, and a female vocalist".

Following the death of David Ruffin, Dennis Edwards and Eddie Kendricks began touring as "The Temptations", still with David Sea and Nate Evans, and bringing in another former Temptation, Damon Harris.

Dennis Edwards [d. 2/1/18] and Damon Harris [d. 2/18/13] form offshoot groups following the death of Eddie Kendricks, the group splintered. Dennis formed "Dennis Edwards and the Temptations Revue", Damon formed "Damon Harris and the Temptations Revue" featuring future Temptation Joe Herndon, Evans and Taylor formed a Temptations tribute band and David Sea went on to a solo career."

The Temps hits include "The Way You Do The Things You Do," "My Girl," "I Wish It Would Rain," "Since I Lost My Baby," "You're My Everything," "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me," "Get Ready," "Ain't Too Proud To Beg," "(I Know) I'm Losing You," "Cloud Nine," "Psychedelic Shack," "Runaway Child, Running Wild," "Ball Of Confusion," "I Can't Get Next To You," "Masterpiece" and "Just My Imagination."

When five men took the stage nearly 40 years ago their stunning harmonies and tight choreography combined with excellent leads to create a legend. The Temptations made musical history with their string of fabulous pop and funk hits in the sixties and seventies, and managed to weather a steady stream of changes in personnel and consumer tastes to be able to continue the history.

NateEvans6The Temptations started performing on bus tours called The Motor Town Revues that criss-crossed the country and drew scattered crowds. But those crowds became larger and larger until there was a legion of dedicated fans. The Temptations, working first with Smokey Robinson and then with others, scored hits like “My Girl,” The Way You Do The Things You Do,” “Get Ready,” and “Ain’t to Proud to Beg.” As trends began to change, so did The Temptations, thus bringing about a string of politically charged songs like “Cloud Nine,” and “Ball of Confusion.”